Makita Campbell: Teenage crash victim remembered at JFK Middle School

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Decked out in yellow and black, more than a hundred students gathered around the flagpole at John F. Kennedy Middle School to remember Makita Campbell.

Before dying in a car crash over the weekend, 14-year-old Campbell loved the colors yellow and black and blue Gatorade.  

Students wore the yellow and black in her honor and will toast with blue Gatorade at the end of the vigil.

Campbell is the youngest of the five who died in the car crash involving a Lexus and a Mercedes.

The candlelight vigil is led by Campbell's best friend Aaleya Cardoza.

Students are gathered with heavy hearts under the flag that's flying half staff in Campbell's memory.

There are also signed posters throughout the vigil.

Campbell's father Monteo is also on hand as well as other family members.

Monteo is surprised by the amount of children who showed up to the vigil to pay their respects to his daughter.

"I see what she did at her school and the kids she affected," he said. "All of this is keeping me going and keeping me from tearing up."

Monteo said he's taking his daughter's loss day by day.

Until Florida Highway Patrol finishes their investigation on the crash, charges aren't being filed against the driver of the Mercedes.

There will be a community benefit memorial for all of the victims at Hilltop Baptist Church in Riviera Beach in Saturday, April 27th at 6 p.m.

As a courtesy to the families, Timothy Kitchens Funeral Home will be hosting three of the victims funerals free of charge. 


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