Keep distance from sea turtles while nesting, warns Florida Fish and Wildlife

SINGER ISLAND, Fla. - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says people need to keep their distance from sea turtles during nesting season.

FWC officers and the trained volunteers who track the sea turtle population say they are seeing more turtles coming ashore but not laying eggs.

Debbie Sobel, the president of the non-profit Sea Turtle Conservation League of Singer Island, says camera phones are partly to blame. She says people want to get close to take a picture, but shouldn't.

"Don't take flash photography, don't chase turtles and don't shine flashlights on the turtles when they're trying to nest," Sobel said.

She is a trained volunteer who tracks, monitors and protects the local sea turtle population.

The FWC says harassing a sea turtle can be punishable with hefty fines or jail time.

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