Jabari Kemp case update: ER doctor weighs in on toxicology results from deadly accident

'Extremely high' THC levels in driver's blood

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Prosecutors are building their case against the driver of a horrific accident that took five lives along Blue Heron Boulevard in April. 

Now, we get a closer look at what was in Jabari Kemp's system the  night investigators say he ran a red light exiting I-95 and collided with another car.

Drug tests show his THC levels at 19 nanograms and 87 nanograms, amounts ER Doctor Johnathan Greenfield has never seen.

"Standards are that 3 nanograms is impaired and this was higher than that," said Greenfield.

What may be harder for investigators to pinpoint is when Kemp allegedly ingested the drug. Doctor Greenfield estimates it wasn't long before the crash.

"The blood levels are indicative of something that is actively being metabolized. Something in your blood in that range must've been used within the last few hours," said Greenfield.

Unlike the blood-alcohol level, there is no legal threshold for marijuana use that says whether you are impaired, because the drug itself is illegal. But doctor Greenfield says there's no question how the drug affects your body.

"It typically overtakes your executive function, your cognitive abilities, makes you paranoid, your perception is disturbed," said Greenfield.

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