HUD officials call living conditions in Riviera Beach apartment complex 'unacceptable'

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- Federal officials visited a crumbling apartment complex Monday that has captured local attention after claims of mold, rats and roaches

US Department of Housing and Urban Development officials arrived at the Stonybrook Apartments in Riviera Beach around 12 p.m. to assess the condition of the units, which did not pass a recent inspection. 

The inspectors were led by apartment management company Miami Mar, which was also on site doing its own inspections.

When asked about what they saw and what their plans were for Stonybrook, HUD inspectors refused to comment.

Shortly after HUD inspectors arrived, management company Miami Mar asked reporters to leave.

Miami Mar had about 30 workers on site Monday. They fumigated five buildings for insects and checked rooms for mold and mildew. The inspections will reportedly continue work until Wednesday.

Last week, Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters led residents in a protest regarding the living conditions.

The apartments have crumbling walls, plumbing issues and a bug infestation. HUD officials call the conditions "unacceptable."

The organization that recently bought the property says they will do extensive fumigation this week.

"My goodness, I can't change in 100 days what's been going on for 30 years," explained Reverend Richard Hamlet of the faith-based non-profit organization Global Ministries Fellowship.

The group purchased the Stonybrook complex in April, knowing the complex had not passed a recent HUD inspection. 

The organization says it has turned around properties in five states. 

"Help's on the way, hang on, don't listen to anybody who is trying to say we are something other than what we stand for. We're not perfect, but we try to do the right thing in the right way."

After HUD officials look at the property to determine whether the complex can be repaired, they plan to meet with the new owners Tuesday. 
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