FPL employees fix up Washington Elementary in Riviera Beach for 'Power to Care Week'

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Florida Power and Light employees flexed their muscles Tuesday for a day of service. And thanks to the power crews, one local school has been transformed.

It's cleanup day at Washington Elementary School in Riviera Beach. Greg Newara from Florida Power and Light is ready.

"I do this at home and yes I'm sweating pretty hard and its a lot of fun," said Newara.

Newara was one of the 200 FPL employees who spent the day cleaning up the 50 year old school.

The cleanup is part of  FPL's "Power to Care Week." 

"Its a great workout and a great opportunity to get outside and spend time with the team in a outside office," said Newara.

Principal Sandra Edwards couldn't wait to see the transformation.

"We are so very very thankful for the support today, the volunteers, for everyone here today," said Edwards.

Landscaping, painting, and renovating, all on the short list of things that needed to be done around the school.
And while most of the volunteers  were outside beautifying school grounds, some managed to make their way inside.

This is FPL's 6th Annual Power to Care Week.

A week of giving keeps Greg going.

"I'm extremely excited about how the kids are going to like what they see, and to me that means everything," said Newara.

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