Faith leaders and pastors get domestic violence training at workshop in Riviera Beach

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Faith leaders gathered in Riviera Beach Saturday to learn a lesson on domestic violence and how to help counsel those who may need help.

Tyrone Berry was not just here to take pictures of a domestic violence workshop at the Fayson Mitchell Multi-Purpose center.

Berry is also a domestic violence victim and is sharing his story with faith leaders, who are learning how to deal with domestic violence cases in the church.

"Glad I got out of it alive and pray I don't get into it again,” said Berry.

Berry said he was involved with a woman where jealousy and abuse was an issue in the relationship.

"The first time she stabbed me, second time she sliced my side with a box cutter,” said Berry.

Berry stayed thinking things would get better.

The ordeal affected his children, especially his son who witnessed the violent acts.

Dr. Annette Douglas, a behavioral scientist says pastoral counseling is different when it comes to domestic violence.

Faith leaders should give spiritual guidance to an individual in a domestic situation, but also direct that person to a social service resource.

“They're concerned about turning to family members because they know family members will react.  They're concerned about turning to complete strangers because they look at them as though they're weird, but they can turn to a pastor or faith leader who has understanding and shows empathy,” said Douglas.

Giving victims the tools to know when to walk away.