Contractors to replace St. George's Center outdated windows with brand new hurricane-proof windows

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - St. George's Education Center in Riviera Beach is getting a much needed helping hand.

Contractors with Innovative Windows Concepts and Window Scapes are taking old outdated windows and replacing them with brand new ones for free.

Out with the old and in with the new. Hycinthia Becton, Executive Director at St. George's Education Center said it's time for the windows to go.

They've been here since the late 80's.

"We’ve had some issues with some windows,” said Becton

Like rain coming in.

Some of them are jammed shut, which is a safety hazard  in an emergency.

Becton said, "The issue that we have is being able to open and close them without a lot of help and a lot of extra force."

The windows are expensive and the church was struggling to find the money but their prayers were answered.

Innovative Window Concepts in Boynton Beach and Window Scapes will install them free of charge.

Center board member, Jack Lansing said, "Just the value of what the windows are represents almost ten percent of our total budget, so it's a very significant gift to get this."

He said the new windows average around $40,000.00

Contractors have already put in two of the windows.

"We're able to actually move the children out of the room through the window,” said Becton.

The rest will be installed on Thursday and Friday.

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