Construction along Broaway proving to be headache for businesses, residents

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - For the past six months Timothy Kitchens has not had the feelings of peace and quiet he wants at his Riviera Beach funeral home.

"The dust has been inconvenient, the drilling has been inconvenient, every movement of the equipment vibrates my office," said Kitchens.

It's happening right outside his door.

"With my business being a funeral home you want calmness and everything so we try to do our best to accommodate our families," said Kitchens.

Kitchens is one of many business owners frustrated with the Blue Heron and Broadway construction project.

The Florida Department of Transportation is working six days a week to complete it, but says it probably will be another year before they can fix the drainage, repair the road and improve the sidewalks.

"It's just rough going back and forth to your house with the traffic its very hard as you can see the traffic is backed up now," said Dasman Griffin.

For Griffin, the construction has extended his 10 minute commute to work to 30 minutes.

"Its rough, you can't even get out period," said Griffin.

City officials say they understand everyone's concern, but add that the 13 million project will pay off in the long run.

"We want to have a much cleaner look, something our residents can be proud of, our businesses, owners to be proud of and when people visit Riviera Beach they get that "wow" effect," said William Jiles.

For those living and working in the area, it's something to look forward too, but it's hard to see now through all the construction equipment.

"We understand their trying their best to revitalize for Broadway which i think will be very good in the long run, its just during the day it creates havoc," said Kitchens.

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