Complaints prompt alcohol ban on Peanut Island starting in May

Enforcing Peanut Island alcohol ban could be tough

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Family fun is a sight Palm Beach County Parks officials want to see more of on Peanut Island.

They say on the weekends, Peanut Island is known to have more of a party atmosphere.

"It's a little crazy," Andrea Palam said. "I don't appreciate it now that I'm older, but I'm sure it's fun for the young ones."

Garrett Wiggs and his friends like to party on the island.  

He isn't happy to see signs being put up though that state on May 18, alcohol is banned from the island.
"I think it's ridiculous that they're going to tell us that we can't drink alcohol at a place that we come to drink alcohol," Wiggs said.

"It's all about behavior," Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Director Eric Call said. "Some of the undesirable behaviors that people have complained about and our own staff have witnessed is what we're trying to prevent."

Call said if you have a permit you can drink in the campground, but you can't drink anywhere else on the island.

They can't regulate the water so if you're in the water you can still drink, as well as the sand bar and on your boat if you have one.

"That's kind of ridiculous because you're splitting hairs here," Wiggs said. "People are going to be drinking on the boat.  If you want a family friendly thing you're going to see the drinking going on either way."

Call admits it will be tough to enforce.

"Law enforcement will probably be giving warnings and educating people over time,"  Call said. "I don't think that they would be strong arming anybody."

But he says eventually law enforcement will cite people.

"I think overall it's probably a good thing," Palam said about the new rule. "I think as long as you're on your boat and you're drinking, you can have fun. Of course, I like to drink so it's not great to not be able to have it, but I think some people abuse it."


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