Shark bites man spearfishing

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A man is recovering Wednesday after a shark bit him while spearfishing.

32-year-old Anthony Segrich is an experienced spearfisherman who is no stranger to the dangers of the ocean.

Segrich and his two friends were out on the water for much of the day Tuesday and had made about five to six drops with no problem. But on the last dive things quickly changed.

"He shot a fish and he was bringing the fish up, it seemed like the shark went to go grab the fish and he missed it and got his leg," said Tony Crumprine.

John Ippolito was in the water when the strike happened. "I think he was more 'did it really get me' or he didn't know because it happened like that and then he started to see a little bit of blood and that's when he started screaming."

The men quickly got Segrich out of the water and wrapped his leg with a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

He was taken to St. Mary's Trauma Center by ambulance and has been in surgery for much of the night.

"He was scared. Everybody was scared but we got it done," said Crumprine.

His friends said he suffered a large bite wound to his calf. His friends said doctors removed more skin and fat than muscle. They expect him to have full use of his leg once he recovers.

Segrich was last listed in stable condition.


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