Back-to-school peace rally today in Riviera Beach

A back to school peace rally is scheduled for the community of Riviera Beach today after several shootings took place last weekend, leaving one person dead.

More than 50 city leaders and ministers will be at St. James Missionary Baptist Church to also talk about bringing peace back to the community.

Every parent and student will be given materials from the U. S. Dept. of Justice, COPS' Youth Crime Prevention Section and other youth empowerment programs pointing out warning signs to head off violence for parents and children.

This comes after 5 people were shot in gang related shootings last weekend, where one person died.

Last Monday, one group went knocking on doors trying to get neighbors to get involved in the peace rally.

Marvel Saffold, a community activist said he is done going to funerals in this community.

"It's just I'm not going anymore. I'm tired of people saying rest in peace, RIP. you can't tell a dead nothing, they not even listening to you so there's no need in you wishing them to rest in peace, they're gonna rest in peace, they're dead, they're in peace already, so while they're alive, tell them to live in peace," said Saffold.

The back to school peace rally starts at 7 p.m., but there will be a peace walk in the neighborhood before heading to the church.

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