Austin Schoor charged with claiming to be an officer, police say

Cops: Stemmed from argument at Burger King

RIVERIA BEACH, Fla. - Austin Schoor, a former West Palm Beach firefighter, was arrested in Riviera Beach after police say that he told a Burger King employee he was a law enforcement officer.

Schoor, according to the employee working in the drive through lane, caused a disturbance while in his car.

Police say that Schoor told employees that Burger King got his order wrong the day before and he requested the correct order.

Schoor, according to officers, did not have proof of a prior purchase.

The restaurant manager says that when she threatened to call police Schoor reportedly told her,  "Call the police, I'm an officer."

Schoor later denied telling Burger King employees that he was an officer. However, Riviera Beach police say that they heard him say it distinctly two times on audio recordings made at the scene.

Police arrested Schoor and charged him with impersonating an officer. He was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

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