Anthony Thurston charged with attempted first degree murder in Riviera Beach shootout

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Anthony Thurston, 27, has been charged with attempted first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after a shootout in Riviera Beach in early August.

On Tuesday, Thurston made his first appearance in court.  He continues to be held without bond and the outcome is delayed Wednesday, when he can be joined by his attorney.

Riviera Beach Police say just after noon on Tuesday, August 6, multiple gunshots were detected by the "ShotSpotter" system, which detects where shots have been fired through a series of sensors.  When police responded, they found that a home and two vehicles had sustained multiple gunshots. 

The report states that at least two surveillance video angles captured the event.  Three people were seen exiting a house, getting into a parked car.  That's when, the report states, multiple shots struck the home and vehicles, fired from across the street.  There were multiple shooters.

"A slim subject wearing black pants, black long sleeve shirt with his face covered by a white t-shirt fires multiple rounds from what appears to be an 'AK-47 Assault rifle'.  The subject stops firing and runs out of the view of the camera," the report reads.

One witness who was interviewed for the report claims the shooting may have been retaliation after a recent murder in West Palm Beach. At the scene, twelve 223 caliber casings, four 45 caliber casings, four 9 millimeter caliber casings, and 24 7.62 caliber casings were recovered by police.

Outside of court Tuesday, a woman identifying herself Thurston's mother said, "My son didn't do it." 

Three others have also been charged in the incident.

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