5 people shot within one hour in three Riviera Beach shootings, one dead

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- One person has died following a string of three separate shootings in Riviera Beach Saturday afternoon.

5 people were shot in the span of one hour. Riviera Beach Police say all three shootings are related and the second and third were retaliatory in nature.

Police say the first shooting happened around noon at Congress Avenue and MLK Boulevard.

One man was shot as occupants of two vehicles exchanged gunshots, according to police.

The victim in that shooting died, police say.

The second shooting happened around 12:42  at the 900 block of West 5th Street.

Police say a man and a woman were shot by a man who approached them on foot in front of a house.

The woman was seriously injured and the man had minor injuries, according to police.

The last shooting happened about ten minutes later at 12:54 on the 1200 block of Avenue R.

Police say two men were shot outside of a home after a man approached them on foot.

Both appeared to have minor injuries, police said.

One of the male shooting victims was treated and released from the hospital Saturday evening.

Three other victims remained in the hospital Saturday night.

Residents living near Avenue 'R' were celebrating a birthday party when they heard the gunfire erupt.

"I got to the corner of the sidewalk and it was like 'boom'. They swung the corner and was like 'pop pop pop…'. I was stuck, I couldn't even move," one neighbor said who didn't want to be identified. "Somebody said 'I got hit! I got hit!' And somebody was like 'I got hit, too.' "

Keysha McCoy says her cousin was shot on MLK and Congress. "It hurts. Everybody gets tired of crying."

McCoy says she's lost three other loved ones to gun violence.

All five victims were immediately rushed to St. Mary's Medical Center.

"They were all critical. We didn't really have any warning," said trauma surgeon Michael West.

West was among the surgeons who rushed to treat the influx of shooting victims. "We come together as a team and we do what we have to do to save lives," West said.

West says the hospital rarely has so many victims at once, but says they were prepared and acted quickly.

Riviera Beach police say they have identified suspects, but still ask anyone with any information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.