Rip current advisory keeps most people out of the water and on the beach today

Even though an advisory for rip currents remains in effect through Sunday, that didn't stop people from enjoying the beach Saturday morning.

Craig Pollock, a lifeguard supervisor patrolled the beach all morning.  He said, "It's not really a good day to sit on the beach, you'll just get wind blasted."

And the waves were rough enough to keep Alex Geesey and her friends out of the water because of rip currents. They sat on the beach instead and watched the waves crash ashore.

Life guards hoisted the red flag as a warning, which indicated high surf and strong currents. Pollock said there were four to eight foot surfs coming through Saturday.

The purple flag were also raised because of jellyfish that could potentially be pushed closer to shore due to the strong waves.

Although an adrenaline rush for surfers, the rough waters are nothing to take for granted.
Sean Horgan, caught a few breaks before finally coming out.

"It's serious, if you're not paying attention, you know fully relaxed, you'll get dragged all the way down the beach before you know it," said Horgan.

Lifeguards said they will keep people who are not strong swimmers out of the water.  Rip current conditions are expected to be hazardous on Sunday as well.

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