Primary election recount begins today for District 27 race

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- Thousands of votes were cast in Tuesday's primary election. But for two elections, a handful of votes mean the difference between an win and a loss for the candidates.

Both have triggered an automatic recount.

In the Senate District 27 race, a seat created through redistricting, the recount begins Friday. 

Representative Mack Bernard and Representative Jeff Clemens are neck and neck, with Clemens ahead in the current count by about three dozen votes. 

Bernard speculated Tuesday night that the numbers would shift toward his favor after absentee ballots were counted, as his campaign had gathered support of many Haitian voters who were registered but hadn't voted in previous elections. 

Clemens was ahead by more than 300 votes until the absentee ballots were counted. 

Friday, the state is expected to announce more regarding another close race in the House District 55 primary between Cary Pigman and Randy Johnson. 

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