Pilot whales under close watch

KEY LARGO, Fla. - Volunteers and marine researchers remain vigilant in their efforts to save the lives of three pilot whales that stranded themselves off Key Largo. Of the three one is in stable condition, one is in guarded condition and one is still considered critical.

Officials expect they will make progress but it could take a few months and they still need volunteers around the clock.

Any volunteers will receive a free emergency first response primary & secondary care certification from Tim Fernan of the Palm Beach County Reef Research Team.

He can be reached at 561-309-6046.


Pilot Whale Update

Unfortunately, we had to euthanize one of our pilot whales on Wednesday. Despite our best efforts, R303 continued to deteriorate past the point of no return and we made the decision to end her suffering.

Our other three girls are still very sick with one in stable condition (the small calf R301) one considered in guarded condition R-300 and one still considered in critical condition, R302.

They are making progress medically, but we still have a long way to go and we expect them to be with us over the next few months. We have them swimming several times a day to rebuild their strength as well as a chance to stretch out unused muscles.

They still need our support to stay afloat so volunteers are still required around the clock.

Let's head to the Keys!
Mass Stranding! Volunteers Needed! Volunteer and see details below to get certified as a Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care! This week they are in particular need of supplies and people to cover the 4AM to 8AM shift. Let me know when you are going. For anyone that volunteers as a result of this email and works at least one 4 hour shift, I will provide the training to certify you as an Emergency First Response Primary & Secondary Care. The classes will be offered in West Palm Beach and are limited to 12 students per class.

Tim Fernan
Palm Beach County Reef Research Team, Training Coordinator

Mass Stranding! Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are needed around the clock to assist with a mass stranding of pilot whales! The whales initially stranded on Thursday, May 5th off Cudjoe Key in the Florida Keys. Two of the healthiest whales were successfully released on Saturday in about 600 feet of water and we continue to follow them via satellite tags. Two whales remain in critical condition and three are in guarded condition. Supplies and volunteers are needed to help! Please see below for our wish list and information on volunteering.

• MMC's Phone Number: 305-451-4774 305-451-4774
• MMC is located at MM102 on the bayside. The physical address is 102200 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL. The dirt driveway is just north of the large concrete tower.
• Once coming to the MMC site, all visitors and volunteers are quarantined from visiting any other facility with marine mammals for 72 hours due to disease transmission!
• Volunteer shifts run for 4 hours (Midnight-4am, 4am-8am, 8am-Noon, Noon-4pm, 4pm-8pm, 8pm-Midnight)
• Volunteers must come for the entire shift and must arrive 15 minutes early for an orientation

Volunteers should bring:

Bathing suit
Dry clothes
Waterproof non-oil based sunscreen
Drinking water and food
Remove all jewelry and leave all personal items in the car or at home
Donation items needed:
Dawn dish washing soap
Plastic chairs
Folding chairs
Printer paper
Bottled water
Gallon jugs of purified water
Bug spray
Sunscreen (waterproof and non-oil based)
Green and red chem lights (glow sticks)
Batteries of all sizes
Toilet tissue
Cooked food for volunteers
Paper towels
70% isopropyl alcohol
Scotch brite green scrub pads
Duct tape
At least 14" long zip ties
Laundry detergent



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