Car slams into Lake Worth bus stop

Crash sends two people to hospital


It was a terrifying day for people waiting for the bus in Lake Worth.

Just before 10:15 Friday morning, a speeding silver Chevy careened out of control on Tenth Avenue, just east of Military Trail, veering off the road and right into a bus stop. 

Robert Crozier, a disabled Army veteran who uses a wheelchair, was on his way to the bus stop when he saw it happen.  "I got up here and I heard the screech and I saw this car speeding past me at the speed of light and all of a sudden, she turned and she hit the two people," he said. "The woman went flying in the air and then they hit the bus stop and skidded right where they're at. I mean, I'm still shaking."

The woman, thirty-six year old Raquel Christopher, was rushed to Delray Medical Center with multiple fractures and a head injury. A hospital spokesman said she was in serious condition Saturday morning. The other victim, seventy-one year old Belarmino Perez was treated at another hospital for minor injuries.

The impact of the crash sent car parts and pieces of the flattened bus stop yards away.

"All I could see was the car twisting around," said Karla Benitez.

Benitez was walking to the bus stop with her children.

"Oh my God, that was bad, bad, bad, bad," she said. "The lady broke two of her feet. Her head was like this. I'm nervous. I don't know, but this needs to stop."

Witnesses said the driver of the car tried to run off, but Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies said she approached them, yelling that another driver cut her off.

Deputies led thirty-eight year old Laurie Daugherty away in handcuffs for driving with a suspended license as well as several other traffic violations. Deputies said a check of her license showed three pages of suspensions.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said she refused treatment at the scene and walked around for several minutes; however, she later complained that her hip was hurting. She was taken to Wellington Regional Medical Center where she is being treated for a fractured pelvis. When she is cleared to leave, she'll be taken to the Palm Beach County Jail.

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