Peanut Island will remain in District 1 after Palm Beach County Commission redistricting decision

Disgruntled person shouted, 'racism continues'

PEANUT ISLAND, Fla. - In the county commission redistricting, Peanut Island will remain in District 1 despite push back from the District
7 community.

The Palm Beach County Commission has approved the rearranging of the seven county commission districts Tuesday.

Of the four options that were discussed, option four was selected by the commission.  

Inside of this move, Peanut Island will remain in District 1 instead of moving into District 7 and Phil Foster Park will go into District 7.

The substitute motion made by District 1 commissioner Karen Marcus was approved 4-3 to have Peanut Island in her district and Phil Foster Park inside of District 7.

Numerous people spoke on both sides of the argument.

After it was approved a disgruntled person who wanted Peanut Island to be part of District 7 said loudly, "racism continues" in regard to the commissions vote.

District 7 commissioner Priscilla Taylor plead her case for the so-called "minority district" stating that Peanut Island should be a part of District 7 and should have been for years.

Taylor said District 7 has the least amount of parks in the county so it should have Peanut Island.

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