Parent dress code: Should parents have a dress code when visiting school?

Do parents need a dress code at school?

The discussion first started in Broward County where the topic of a dress code for parents was talked about.

Palm Beach County school board member Karen Brill mentioned in her opening remarks Wednesday night that a future discussion should take place to talk about what parents wear to school during school events.

Brill said she is not necessarily advocating a dress code policy, but just asking board members to give their input on what they think. She said she brought up the subject because the topic was talked about on a local radio station.

On Thursday, WPTV spoke with several parents to find out if they think a dress code should be in place.

Parent Jasmine Chavez said, "How would you feel if I am trying to dress proper for my kid and other parents have short shorts and guts hanging out."

Another parent, Naseem Rainey said, "There's always a certain amount of respect and taste acceptable for parents as role models."

The Palm Beach County School District said the district will do some research and decide if the topic can even be discussed during a workshop.

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