Palm Springs man is shot and killed outside of nightclub Sunday morning

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - Investigators believe a fight inside of a Palm Springs nightclub escalated into the shooting death of a man early Sunday morning.

Palm Springs Police are gathering evidence about the shooting that happened around 4:15 Sunday morning.

The body of the male victim is located inside of the Bellante's Pizza and Pasta buffet parking lot on the 2600 block of Forest Hill Boulevard.

The restaurant is in Lakeshore Plaza, which is the same plaza the Tabu Nightclub is located in.

Club patrons say there was a fight inside of the club earlier in the night.

Investigators say witnesses told them the fight in the club is what they believe sparked the shooting outside the club.

Police haven't released any suspect information, but say they are following leads from witnesses.

Back in February, two people were stabbed to death outside of the Tabu Nightclub.  Two people were arrested in connection to those murders.

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