Thieves steal tires and a car from Palm Beach driveways

Police pursued stolen car

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Melvin Teeters had an unexpected job at a Palm Beach home Thursday. He had to replace four tires swiped from a Porsche. He says the thieves worked fast.

"Two people, two jacks, five minutes is all. It doesn't take very long," said Teeters of Gardens Towing and Transport.

Police suspect the same group of two or three people burglarized two cars at another home on East Inlet Drive. They say it's the same house where tires were taken from another luxury car in December of 2012.

"It's shocking, unbelievable, unheard of here in Palm Beach," said resident Andrew Roddy.

Police were briefly able to catch up with the thieves near the north bridge Thursday morning minutes after they stole a Mercedes-Benz. But the thieves got away. 

"The vehicle made no attempt to stop and sped away, made several evasive turns, the officer was unable to stay with the vehicle and lost it in West Palm Beach," said Capt. Jeff Trylch with the Palm Beach Police Department.

As for the tireless car, Teeters says he sees this sort of crime twice a month in Palm Beach County. He says thieves get creative with how they leave the cars. 

"Bricks, I've seen them on Coke baskets, sometimes they leave them on the ground, whatever they find that's easy for them to shove under there," said Teeters.

Police urge people to lock their car doors and not to leave car keys inside the car.