Palm Beach's Midtown Beach reopened after shark sightings

— The town's Midtown Beach was temporarily closed Sunday afternoon because of shark sightings along the coast, a dispatcher for Palm Beach Ocean Rescue said.

Lifeguards closed the beach at about 2 p.m., but it was reopened after less than an hour, the dispatcher said.

Swimmers were then allowed to return to the water.

According to experts, the Florida coastline is a major migration route for sharks. Lifeguards will close beaches as a precaution.

The most common types of sharks that swim close to shore are the spinner, black tip and sandbar shark.

If you see a shark the best advice is not to panic or flail around. Ease yourself to shore.

To avoid an accidental encounter, or be mistaken for food, avoid early morning and late evening swims when sharks typically feed. And stay away from schools of fish.