Palm Beach residents on alert during manhunt on island

Search for two men, possibly armed

PALM BEACH, Fla. - There are no roadblocks Wednesday morning on Palm Beach, a day after a large manhunt on the island for suspects connected to a Miami homicide.

However, the search continues as the men, whose names have not been released, remain at large. Police have no information to believe they're still on the island.   Residents are urged to remain alert.

Investigators said the manhunt began the moment someone realized that a car - possibly a getaway car - had been crashed and ditched at Palm Beach’s most famous hotel, The Breakers.

The search for two armed suspects, who may or may not be in Palm Beach, continued late into Tuesday evening.

“Someone could actually be holed up in a vacant home as long as the alarm didn’t go off,” said Craig Joplin, a visitor to the island.“I always carry a concealed (weapon) because you never know if I have to protect myself or others,” he said. Some on the island say in the off season there are many places where someone can remain out of sight.

Police scoured each and every property on the north side of the island as well as inspected each vehicle trying to leave the area for signs of the men.

“If you know anything about the island, this is the last place you want to come if you’re trying to run from somebody,” said Charles Davis, who has lived in Palm Beach for ten years.

Palm Beach police say a Honda Accord found crashed and abandoned on the Breakers Ocean Golf Course Tuesday morning could be the vehicle of a victim of a deadly home invasion robbery in Miami on Monday night.

Until those clues lead to more answers - and perhaps the suspects - the island will remain on high alert. “Hopefully they can catch whoever they are and life can go back to normal,” said Davis.

Police officers continued to patrol the island Tuesday night. Investigators urge residents to report anything suspicious immediately.

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