Palm Beach Komen breast cancer gala draws crowd, Governor Scott

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Breast cancer took center stage on Saturday night in Palm Beach as hundreds gathered at the Mar-A-Lago Club to bring awarness and support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Both Governor Rick Scott and Donald Trump were in attendence to lend their support. As expected, it did not take too long for Scott and Trump to start talking politics with the Florida primary right around the corner.

But before the two high profile Florida residents could get too far into the presidential race, it was the color "pink" that grabbed all the attention.

"An evening like tonight will leave a lot of much needed resources in this community, in West Palm Beach and all of South Florida to address the needs of medically under served people," said Nancy Brinker, Komen Foundation Founder.

Brinker, Susan G. Komen's sister, said it is events like the "Perfect Pink Party" that raise thousands of dollars for research. Brinker said most of the money raised on Saturday will stay right in the local community.

Brinker said 30 years after fulfilling a promise to her sister to do everything in her power to end breast cancer, the fight continues.  A struggle in ending a disease Governor Scott joined in support.

"It's having a positive influence across our state on those who can't afford screenings," said GovernorScott.

While Governor Scott gathered out of support for breast cancer awarness, it didn't take long to shift into politics. The Florida Primary is two weeks away and the Governor has yet to endorse a candidate. 

"I'm going to continue to focus on who's going to be, do the best job at getting jobs for Floridians. I think the race, the whole race next fall is going to be about the person who has the best jobs plan," said Governor Scott.

The governor would not reveal whom he supports as the GOP nominee, but there was another high profile man at the event who is usually never shy about who he likes, Donald Trump.

"Everybody wants me to give the endorsement," said Trump.

Trumpe shyed away from an endorsement, but had something to say about Republican nominee hopeful Mitt Romney and the recent critism involving Romney's role at investment management company, Bain Capital.

"Bain Capital really has, they do an awfully good job. The government hires them all the time to advise them," said Trump.

Trump, like Governor Scott, said as the Florida Primary inches closer, the public will have a better understanding of who he would like to see in the White House.

Organizers of the Saturday Susan G. Komen gala said the charity event raised more than a $1 million for research.

The Race for the Cure is on January 28th.

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