Palm Beach Fire Rescue using iPads, FaceTime to save lives

PALM BEACH, Fla. - First responders on Palm Beach are hoping FaceTime technology will be able to save lives. Palm Beach Fire Rescue is now putting iPads on its ambulances.

First responders will be able to FaceTime doctors at Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach on their way to the emergency room.

They hope that by using video to show doctors in the emergency room a patient's condition, they can be better prepared when they arrive at the hospital.

First responders have trained with the iPad for the past month, and this weekend it will be in full operation. They feel ready to go.

"We feel very confident when our patients are experiencing an emergency," District Chief Brian Fuller said. "Seconds count, this system might save minutes."

Doctors hope this technology will be able to help them in some of the most dangerous situations they see.

"The biggest impact (from the technology) I think is going to be the big things in our society, the big killers, strokes and heart attacks," Dr. Pamela Perry of Good Samaritan Hospital said.

Ambulances will still have radios on board, so if the technology fails they will be able to relay a patients condition as they have before.

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