ONLY ON 5: Family of Florida man killed by massive crane in Palm Beach seeking answers, closure

James Brennan, 68, died after becoming trapped

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The family of  James Brennan, the man killed while standing at an intersection in Palm Beach, still has questions surrounding the 40-ton crane that hit him.

Just two weeks after her father died, Colleen Brennan said dealing with the death has not become any easier.

"Not being able to give him one last hug. Not being able to see him one last time. That's been the hardest part," said Colleen Brennan.

She considered her father her mentor and best friend. The 68-year-old somehow was hit and then became trapped under a crane as it moved down the street near South County Road and Royal Palm Way.

"If you stand there as a daughter on the corner where he was and think about that, it's pretty hard to take," said Brennan.

Her head is now filled with questions. Brennan wants to know how her father ended up under the crane, who is at fault and why it happened to her dad.

What has been most difficult for her is trying to explain the horrible death to her young son.
"For me personally, I just got to keep focusing on the happy part," said Brennan.

In an attempt to gain closure, Brennan is trying to shift her energy to spreading the motto her father lived by. Happy.

"It's so easy to just dwell and focus on that really yucky stuff and here we have an opportunity now to be happy or try to see the better," said Brennan.

In his passing, instead of flowers, Brennan asked those who cared to donate to charity. She said that is what her dad would have wanted, to create smiles even as he is gone.

"It's about this very wonderful dad who was extremely loving, compassionate and charitable and happy. Happy, happy, happy, happy," said Brennan.

Detectives at the Palm Beach Police Department said the investigation is ongoing.


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