No name storm: Two couples disappear from a sailing trip 20 years ago

Palm Beach - Mari Frankel remembers the chilling words she heard about her parents and two family friends. "The captain of the Coast Guard pulled me aside and this was like the first day into the search and said 'I don't want to upset you too much but chances are you will never find anybody.' "

Her parents, Chuck and Betty Muer and another couple, George and Lynn Drummey, set sail  on a 40 foot sailboat for the Bahamas.

On March 13th, 1993, a storm swept through on their way home. The storm was more powerful than expected-- leaving behind a path of destruction in neighborhoods along Florida's coast.

Mari  has fond memories of her father.  She says he was a great businessman, owning 40 restaurants from Florida to Michigan.

"My dad was extremely charismatic, outgoing, friendly, could remember everybody's name. He could meet 50 people in 10 minutes. My mom was great, she was hysterically funny. She could tell the best jokes," Mari said.

The family put together a recipe book of their father's favorite dishes-- some from his restaurants.

Mari has another book filled with pictures and newspaper articles about her parents disappearance. "I have closure, I know what happened to my parents. I have mourned their loss and I am happy to be such a part of them still. They are still a big part of me and a big part of my family."

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