New sketches of alleged serial rapist in Palm Beach County

Sketch shows 3 different looks for alleged rapist

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Stepped up efforts are now underway to catch a serial rapist targeting women in our area.  

Today, Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies released a new sketch of what the attacker may look like.  And they hope the sketch will help them catch the person responsible. 

In Palm Springs, you get the sense that the community's growing more impatient and more anxious with each passing day that the serial rapist isn't caught.

Zaida Perez, a concerned resident, says, "He not only rapes you, he beats you and then he steals whatever he can get from you. I want this guy caught. Quick. Get him out!"

Missie Hawkins used to come out to get her cup of coffee at a Palm Springs coffee shop bright and early before sunup. Now, no more.  She says, "We're tired of living in fear."

Hawkins waits till the sun comes out because of the serial rapist. She's at the the strip mall where Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies have been passing out flyers to business owners and managers.

Eric Davis, the Public Information Officer for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, says, "A lot of businesses get involved because this is a community. This is the people that they serve. So they're here to help."

Deputies are trying to help by printing the flyers in Spanish.  Judilena Rodriguez, who works at the coffee shop that got the flyer appreciates that.

Rodriguez says it's very important the Hispanic community get more information about the case.

The attacks have happened in Jupiter, Palm Springs and Lake Worth. The flyers have updated sketches of the man they say raped 5 women over the past 2 1/2 years. Hawkins is glad there's a new sketch.

Hawkins says, "The first one it said shoulder length hair, but it showed short hair. And that right there was confusing I'm sure to a lot of people."

For Hawkins, who now only goes out in pairs when it's dark, it's about being extra cautious and aware.  She says, "Everybody thinks, well, it won't be me. Now we have to realize, no, it could be me."

There is a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the serial rapist.

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