KIMBERLY LINDSEY: Attorney for murder suspect Albert Lambert never saw signs or unusual behavior

Attorney Jo Ann Barone was hired days before case

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The lawyer hired by Dr. Albert Lambert just days after investigators said he killed his ex-wife Kimberly Lindsey, said she never saw any warning signs.

Attorney Jo Ann Barone said Lambert hired her Tuesday and said her client did not seem suicidal.

Barone said Lambert told her detectives wanted to question him in regards to his ex-wife's disappearance.

She said Lambert seemed concerned about Lindsey and the future of his three daughters.

Barone said the day before Lambert killed himself, she spoke him and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

"I think this is a tragedy. I don't think we'll ever know the real story here. I think the investigation has died with Dr. Lambert," said Barone.
The lawyer for the now deceased Lambert said she has been in contact with investigators and will help out how she can.

She said she has yet to be contacted directly by investigators and still represent the interests of Albert Lambert.

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