Javier Roura and Joamna Sanchez charged with financing Palm Beach hotel stay with phony card

Couple drank whisky valued at $877

PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Palm Beach spending spree has landed a Hialeah couple in jail.

On July 3, Javier Roura and Joamna Sanchez checked into the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach using the name Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Spinel, according to the Palm Beach police.

On August 13, the same couple was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on credit card fraud charges.

The Four Season Hotel told police that the couple walked in with no reservations and luggage.

According to officers, Roura and Sanchez told the receptionist that they were tired from traveling and were booked into a room as the Spinels using a Visa card.

Police said that Roura and Sanchez ordered dinner in their room, watched a movie and drank a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue whisky valued at $877.

After breakfast, police said the couple went to the hotel's boutique and purchased items worth almost $9,000.

Then after shopping, they got their car from the valet, took their shopping bags from the boutique and left the hotel.

The bill for the hotel stay and shopping spree was more than $10,000, said investigators.

The Visa card, according to police, had been issued by a bank in Paris, France and was not associated with Sebastian Spinel.

Police were able to use the hotel surveillance to track down the couple, who police learned were from Hialeah.

Palm Beach police arrested Roura and Sanchez on charges of using a forged credit card and using an illegal credit card to purchase goods.

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