Hurricane Sandy: Consultant estimates Palm Beach lost 700,000 cubic yards of sand during storm

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Months have passed since Hurricane Sandy swept through Florida in October, yet the impact of the storm is still being felt throughout Palm Beach County.

A consultant for the Town of Palm Beach estimated the town lost 700,000 cubic yards of sand when Hurricane Sandy whirled offshore.

Town managers said the sand was lost due in part to several days of windy conditions, storm surge and the high tide the storm brought.

Beach erosion is still visible in several areas along the shore.

Restoration projects could be shelved until this Fall due to turtle nesting season starting March 1 and Hurricane season starting June 1.

Recently in a survey done by Stanford University, it revealed while 4 out of 5 Americans want to prepare beaches for rising seas and stronger storms, only one out of three people favor spending government funds on sea walls or beach replenishment.

The Town of Palm Beach said it has entered storm season in worse conditions and is optimistic ahead of the start of hurricane season.

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