Harald Sedlacek sails across the Atlantic in a tiny boat and sets records

PALM BEACH SHORES, Fla. - Extreme sailor Harald Sedlacek is getting ready to sail back across the Atlantic.  About a month ago, he finished his 87-day trip from Spain in a boat made from a new recyclable material made out of volcanic fibers.

"We test a new product, it's the first boat that exists, I built the boat," he said.

Sure, a lot of people have sailed across the Atlantic but nobody has done it like Harry has. It was in a boat the size of a Ford Fusion. It was a non-stop trip and he did it solo.

"I make two records, one was from coast to coast with the smallest boat and the second record was that I do 5608 nautical miles without stopping. "

Sleeping quarters were tight. A 6.5 by 2 foot space with a bar bisecting it in the middle.

He mainly ate cereal, noodles and candy bars for the 87 day trip and almost ran out of supplies because the trip took longer than expected. "I lose like 20 pounds on the whole trip."

Harry had to work for his water, pumping a device to make fresh water from the sea for an hour and half every day.

His biggest challenges were being alone on such a small boat for so long and the weather. "The most what I was afraid was the 4 times when I hit with my mast the water. I had 45 knots of wind and big sea."

Flipping the boat 4 times wasn't enough to scare him away though; Harry sets sail for Europe this Friday, this time taking the northern route and following the Gulf Stream.

You can track Harry's progress here.