Francis, Russell Palmieri arrested by Palm Beach police on grand theft charges

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Two brothers operating in Palm Beach are accused of defrauding people seeking to have repair work done on their properties.

Francis "Bud " Palmieri and his brother Russell Palmieri have been arrested by Palm Beach police.

Police say that a Palm Beach resident filed a complaint against Bud Palmieri Companies Inc. with the Florida Department of Professional Regulation after the resident gave the contractor a $100,000 a deposit.

According to the Palm Beach Police Department, the resident canceled his contract within the three-day grace period and did not get his money back.

Police said Francis "Bud" Palmieri, the president of Bud Palmieri Companies, is not licensed in Florida to perform construction work.

Authorities said Russell Palmieri, who is a licensed contractor in Florida, took money to do repair work at another Palm Beach resident but did not apply for a permit to do any work.

Officers say that Russell Palmieri took more than $4,000 for a repair but no work was done.

Palm Beach police also charged Francis Palmieri with taking thousands of dollars from another Palm Beach resident for a promissory note investment and not returning money to the investor.

Both Francis and Russell Palmieri were arrested by Palm Beach police and face grand theft charges.

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