'Fake Police Call' app invented by Palm Beach Lieutenant

During the day Mick Keehan spends his time chasing bad guys. But at night, he's chasing his own kids.
"They do, they keep me very busy, especially when you have four of them, they're always on the run," said Keehan.
And the running around was driving Keehan crazy. His kids always kept him on his toes.
"Even though I'm a police officer, they don't always behave, because I'm their father," said Keehan.
And as a father and veteran of Palm Beach Police Department, Keehan knew he had to do something. 
So, he created a phone app hoping it would help his kids behave. It's called fake police call.
It averages about 100 downloads per day. Its the voice of Sergeant Friendly.
"From there you hand the phone to they child while they listen, and hopefully they calm down and start behaving because they just heard Sergeant Friendly," said Keehan.
Sergeant Friendly speaks to the child about why it's important to behave. 
Some scenarios include cleaning your room or doing homework.
But the app isn't just for the bad. 
If the child does what is asked, parents can then have Sergeant Friendly call back with praise. 
"All kids misbehave, there's no perfect child, this is just a tool to use when your in that situation and you need that child to behave," said Keehan.


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