Cab drivers frustrated with taxi ordinance on Palm Beach

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Joanes Le Grand never dreamed he'd be cruising the Island of Palm Beach for a living. But that's exactly what he's been busted for.
"It's not fair for me," said Le Grand.
It all started outside Cucina's. He claims the 3 taxi stands where all cab drivers are supposed to pick up passengers were filled. So, he kept circling.
"It's frustrating," said Le Grand.
And now he's paying for it. The Town of Palm Beach has slapped him with a $250 fine for breaking the island's new taxi ordinance.
"This is my life, I need to go forward, I have a family to take care," said Le Grand.
The ordinance, which was put in place last February, doesn't allow drivers to call passengers with their horns and whistles; park in spaces other than those designated as taxi stands, or engage in cruising,
And to top it all, all vehicles also must be kept in a clean and safe condition.
"Big picture... we are not picking on them and want them to be successful," said Thomas Bradford.
City officials say they will discuss lowering the fines for first time offenders at next Tuesday's town council meeting, to possibly $75 or $150.
"We need to communicate more with the taxi drivers to understand what their problems are, so we can come up with solutions that will help address the issues," said Bradford.
Grand just wants to do his job and provide good service to the folks on Palm Beach.
"They need me.... i just want everything to be fair," said Le Grand.

So far this year there have been 65 taxi cab violations on the island.

City officials say they plan to discuss lowering the fines at next Tuesday's town council meeting.


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