Business owners on edge with Palm Beach manhunt

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Tuesday's Palm Beach manhunt had many business employees and owners on edge.

For the most part, people just made sure to stay inside and lock their doors. But one popular bike shop decided to stop renting bikes as a safety precaution.

"We had an automated phone call from the town saying to stay indoors so I didn't think we should be renting bikes," the manager of Palm Beach Bicycle Shop Phillip Elliot said.

Around the block, a hair salon employee made sure her doors stayed locked all day.

"I figured there is a lot of action so we mine as well keep the doors locked," Keela Gajadha said.

Other people remained outside and golfed and went to the beach. K9 units and SWAT teams are on the ground aiding in the search. Officials said the people who are being sought are considered to be dangerous after an incident in Miami. Authorities found a bloody shirt that they believe is connected to the suspects.

Police are checking, but not stopping cars on the North end of the island.