Barbara Fenner: 'Barbie' charged with credit card fraud at Palm Beach's Testa's Restaurant

PALM BEACH, Fla. - A customer known as "Barbie" to employees at Testa's Restaurant on Royal Poinciana Way in Palm Beach has been charged with credit card fraud.

On Jan. 3. Palm Beach police said they were contacted by the restaurant because meals were fraudulently purchased.

The restaurant owner told police that a woman known as "Barbie" had paid for seven different meals with a credit card number that was handwritten on a piece of paper.

According to Testa's, the bills from the meals totaled $956.52.

The credit card owner contacted Testa's to say that the meals were purchased fraudulently.

Police said a Testa's employee was able to identify "Barbie" from a photo lineup and the suspect was later identified as Barbara Fenner.

Fenner said she used the credit card number that she found on a piece of paper at the restaurant several times.

The suspect also told police that she was given the card number from her limo driver, who had provided transportation for the credit cardholder to her place of employment at Cheetah's Night Club.

Fenner claims that she had permission to use the credit card number.

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