Palm Beach County School District, teachers' union reach tentative deal on new contract

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- During a meeting Monday night with the Palm Beach County school board and a teachers' union, members from both parties worked up a tentative collective bargaining agreement.  
Under the step salary schedule, the proposal would give teachers with one to 20 years of experience a $1,500 raise. Teachers with more than 20 years could get up to $4,300.00.  
This would be the largest pay raise teachers have seen in at least five years.  
District officials held off from giving pay increases citing budget issues.  Some teachers said they would not vote for the new contract unless  district officials agree to back pay teachers on lost raises when their steps were frozen.
The union has seven to ten days to set up an election. Educators would cast their votes using paper ballots instead of online voting, which was done in previous elections.
Board officials hope to have the proposal approved by Dec. 5, which would give teachers their pay increase before winter break.
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