Palm Beach County looks at moratorium on new internet cafes

Commissioners discuss regulating gaming in county

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - As Florida debates allowing more slot machines, Palm Beach County is considering putting a halt on new gaming establishments.

County Commissioner Karen Marcus is calling for a moratorium on new internet cafes. She said the gaming centers aren't regulated and machines aren't always a fair bet.

Several counties and cities, including North Palm Beach, already have moratoriums. Marcus would like to see one in Palm Beach County until the county can establish guidelines on where internet cafes should be located and how they should operate.

"They just kind of pop up. There is no state regulation on them," Marcus said, "and to make sure that people aren't going in there and getting scammed because the machines aren't working or whatever the possibilities are."

The moratorium would not affect current internet cafes. The county will discuss drafting a possible moratorium at a future meeting.

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