Matthew Borut: PBSO deputy hurt in suburban West Palm Beach wreck

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A Palm Beach County deputy had to be extricated from his patrol car after a crash Friday at Drexel Blvd. and Fairgreen Road.

Around 10:40 a.m., deputy Matthew Borut was driving north on Drexel Blvd., when Daniel Anglyde of Riviera Beach failed to stop at the stop sign on Fairgreen Road heading west, and the two vehicles collided.

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Teniuka Walker says she was getting out of her car with groceries when she saw the accident happen.

"The first car he was like hesitant and he was on his cell phone he didn't know which way he wanted to go. The officer was going northbound, I thought he was going to go straight, but he turned and hit the officer's car ran into her gate," said Teniuka.

Dramatic pictures from Chopper Five showed fire rescue cutting Borut out of the cruiser, and then rushing him to the hospital.

Teniuka says residents started running out of their houses to help the trapped deputy. She says other drivers pulled over to help.

"I ran over there and asked him if he was ok and he was like, he couldn't feel his back. So me and another girl and her mom ran over there and asked him if he was ok and he said just check on the other person that hit him," she said.

Resident Lori Dine says she heard the loud crash, ran outside and saw the deputy's car hit her fence. Within minutes, fire rescue crews arrived.

"He was in the car in a difficult position. The thing behind him that protects him from criminals was, they had to cut it out to get out his head," said Lori.

Borut had to be cut out of the patrol car and airlifted to Saint Mary's Medical Center in serious condition.

Anglyde is said to be okay.

WPTV's Tania Rogers contribute to this report.

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