Operation Pill Mill Nation leads to 4 clinics raided and closed

Took place Wednesday morning

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - "Operation Pill Mill Nation" took place Wednesday morning.

Following a year investigation, federal agents raided and closed four pain clinics in Palm Beach County. The operation consisted of approximately 340 undercover buys from doctors and medical personnel in pain clinics throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade, according to the Palm Beach County State Attorney.

The clinics, which often supply in large quantities legal but addictive drugs, were shut down.

In the Palm Beach County raids, 11 people were taken into custody, including 5 physicians.

Margie Galassi is a woman on a mission to warn families about the dangers of drug addiction and how pill mills are partly responsible for the death of many people ages 18 to 25. On December 31, 2007, Galassi lost her only son Jeremy.

"He had doctors in four counties. He knew which pharmacies were databased," said Galassi.

Jeremy died from a drug overdose. His drugs of choice were oxycodone, methadone, xanax and cocaine. Jeremy had become addicted to pain medication after an injury.

"My son would be 30 on Monday, the 28th was his birthday," said Galassi.

Galassi believes if pain clinics were monitored by the government her son would still be here.

"It's cash business. That's where the red flags come up and the volume, a thousand pills to somebody in a week, that's not legitimate," said Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw.

Lawmakers created a database to track who, when, and where prescriptions are filled.

Governor Rick Scott does not approve of the databases and said its an invasion of privacy.

"They have got to regulate these narcotics and no matter what Governor Rick Scott thinks. If he doesn't do something it's on his head when these children are lost," said Galassi.


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