New Guinea Singing Dogs visit WPTV: Palm Beach Zoo animals serenade the studio

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The New Guinea singing dog has quite a voice. 

Its unique howl sounds almost musical, usually lasting for about three seconds, but it can last as long as 5 seconds. 

The song is used for finding a mate and communicating. 

At times, the dogs start "chorus howling," in a synchronized fashion, as two or more start howling together. 

The New Guinea singing dogs don't necessarily form permanent packs like other dogs. 

The dogs' bodies are very flexible and nimble. 

Their legs can spread sideways to about ninety degrees, and their feet can twist around, unlike domestic dogs in many ways. 

Front and hind paws of the animal can rotate in such a way that they are able to climb trees with thick bark and branches.

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