New app may help cheaters hide calls and texts from prying eyes

It comes in the form of an app on your cell phone that can hide who you've been texting and calling.

The app, called "CATE," hit the Android market last week and is already getting rave reviews. But one divorce attorney says the app may keep your secrets secret, but not for long.

CATE stands for "call and text eraser" which is exactly what it does. The app erases any opportunity for your significant other to find out who you've been in contact with.

Phillip Immler is a cop who is also in law school. He created the app after a friend's phone was hacked by his spouse.

"I had a good friend of mine who went through a divorce because his wife was finding things on his phone. It intercepts call and text messages from people on your lists and stores it within the app," says Immler.

Only the app owner has the passcode to unlock the contacts he or she decides should be hidden from view. There's already buzz over the app online.

Divorce attorney Robin Roshkind says while the app may promise to hide your infidelity, it won't stop a determined woman or man wanting to know the truth.

"If there is going to be an app to stop all this, trust me, we still have our ways, a good old fashioned private investigator. It's a little ironic it was an officer of the law that came up with this app," says Roshkind.

But Immler begs to differ. He says on patrol he is called to a number of domestic violence situations sparked by what is seen on a cell phone.

So far "CATE" has been downloaded more than 20 times in its first week at $2.99 a pop.

Despite the purpose of his app, Immler insists, "I don't condone cheating, no."

Immler says more women have purchased the app than men.

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