Missing swimmer's family hopes he will be found alive

SINGER ISLAND, Fla. - The man who dove into the ocean off Singer Island and helped save the lives of two young girls remained missing on Saturday night.

Identified by family members as 44-year-old Butch Garlinghouse, his family stood by on Saturday night hoping for the best as local and federal authorities suspended the search for the evening in Palm Beach Shores.

"I hate to even say he's gone because they're still searching for him," said Will Garlinghouse, brother of the missing man.

He said he cannot even bare to look at a picture of his brother without feeling at a loss.  

"We were like this (crosses fingers) you know. He's always been my hero," he said.

Butch Garlinghouse is now most likely the hero of two rescued little girls.

His brother said the two young swimmers, who are family friends, could have drowned off the inlet in Palm Beach Shores if it had not been for Butch, who sprung into action and helped pull the girls to safety.

"It doesn't surprise me, that's just the way Butch was. But what's killing me the most is that he's still our there in that ocean and they still haven't found him," said Will.

Butch is said to have been pushing one of the girls into the rescue boat when he went under and disappeared.

"I've thought about that numerous times. The phone call my brother saved their parents from getting," said Will.

As of late Saturday evening Butch had not been found, despite hours spent conducting a search by water and air.

His brother said he still has faith his older brother, who he calls a hero, will be found.

"I'm powerless over the situation. All I can do is just be strong," Will said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said it will reevaluate ocean conditions on Sunday morning to determine how and if the search will resume.

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