Two hospitalized after airboat accident on flooded road in the Acreage

Airboat accident on flooded road hospitalzes two

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Many of the roads in the Acreage were flooded Monday and some passed the time by doing water recreation activities in the flooded streets.

On the 17100 block of 60th Lane North near Mandarin Boulevard in the Acreage most people spent the day without power as well.

People were seen paddle boating, kayaking and even driving airboats.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said around 4 Monday an adult and a child crashed in an airboat on 60th Lane North.

The crash caused the adult to be airlifted to St. Mary's hospital and the child to be rushed in an ambulance to the hospital.

Neighbors said they were concerned about both victims in the accident.

The Indian Trail Improvement District says both of their pumps are trying to get the water off the roads, but there is a lot of flooding.

They say they even lowered the water levels in the nearby canals before the storm.

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