Tropical Storm Isaac, one month later

Standing water still a reminder for some

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. -- It's been one month since Tropical Storm Isaac dropped inches upon inches of rain on South Florida.

While many communities have dried up, others still have standing water.

Residents living in the Deer Run community in Loxahatchee see patches of standing water and dead grass throughout their neighborhood.

Stephanie Issac, a longtime Deer Run resident, says the remaining water is a constant reminder of what happened. She says, "It's like a battle wound. You have a scar that won't go away."

Issac says she's now teased for her last name, due to the damage it has done. "We were pretty much stranded on little islands, with our house pad completely under water," she says.

Many residents in the western communities of Palm Beach County say they share a similar fear now every time it rains. They say they're afraid it'll rain again so badly that their yards will flood again like they did following the tropical storm.

Residents in Deer Run say a month after the storm, they're still in the "clean up phase." Some say they've never seen anything like this happen in their neighborhood.

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