Stinky 'corpse flower' set to bloom in Loxahatchee

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - The world's smelliest flower is set to bloom soon in Loxahatchee.

The corpse flower only blooms about once every seven years, but it has a pungent smell that may make you sick to your stomach.
The unique plant is located at Tropical Bamboo Nursery and Gardens located at 2929 G Rd E.

The plant is 69 inches tall and when it blooms the smell has been described as rotten eggs, rotting fish, a dead animal, sweaty socks, bad body odor and rotting meat.

Supposedly you can smell it from 50 yards away, but it only lasts for about 30 hours.

Watch the corpse flower live:

"You never get to used to it. It could be about 30 hours and then the whole flower will collapse afterwards, so you get as much as you can while it's open," said Robert Saporito, the owner of Tropical Bamboo Nursery. 

The flower is native to the jungles of Indonesia and the potent smell helps attract flies and insects to ensure pollination.

Visit this weekend or Monday for the best times to get a good whiff and peek at the unique plant. 

A party is being held at 2929 G Rd. in Loxahatchee to celebrate the event.  The public can also call 561-784-2413 to find out if the flower has bloomed.

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