Safety improvements scheduled for dangerous intersection in The Acreage

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Major safety upgrades are on the way for a Palm Beach County intersection that's been described as dangerous.

There have been more than a dozen wrecks in three years where Northlake Boulevard and Hall Boulevard meet.

A four-year-old boy died and his mother and one-year-old sister were seriously hurt in the most recent crash.

For years residents have begged for changes.

Just this week Palm Beach County engineers sent a letter that says major improvements will be happening "immediately."

Those improvements include bigger stop signs, a "stop ahead" warning sign, and renovated rumble strips and speed humps.

"As long as there is something here to make people realize they are coming up to something, the extra stop signs, the bumps… something for them to is going to better. I can’t wait to see it," said one resident.

The Indian Trail Improvement District says it is going over a comprehensive traffic plan for all of The Acreage right now.
Some people wanted a traffic light, but county engineers say they did a complete study and determined the intersection does not meet the criteria for one.