Rhino battling cancer is put back into her herd at Lion Country Safari

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. -  It was a welcome back party at Lion Country Safari for "Lissa", the two-ton rhino who is battling cancer.

There were other rhinos, zebras, and some humans too.

All were welcoming the 34-year-old white rhino back after 8 months of cancer treatments.

"She's certainly had some fun in the mud rolling around packing her horn with mud just like any normal rhino would do so we're really pleased with how she's doing…she's definitely acting quite happy and normal," said Dr. Chelsea Anderson.

Last October Lissa started developing a tumor. It turned out to be a rare cancer.

"The location of the tumor was actually in a very challenging location for us, we had to remove the entire horn off of the rhinoceros so that we could gain access to the tumor," said Lion Country Safari General Curator Brian Dowling.

Six surgeries later, most of the cancer was removed. Her horn may grow back.
Now Lissa's back with the herd which is vital to her healing.

"I think it's similar to oncology patients, where they try to get them out of the hospital and back home and into their environment where they're the most comfortable because they will heal the best in that environment," Dowling said

Lissa is now hanging out with her daughter Iliza.

Iliza was allowed to be with her during her treatment but the mother rhino is not out of the woods yet.

"Consistently we take biopsies on it (the tumor).It's going to require another procedure."

If you want to follow Lissa's progress battling cancer, check out Lion Country's page on facebook or twitter .